One way streaming of video

I am working on developing a video portal in which an admin will be able to see a video of about 150 users. the users can only send their video to the admin. The users will not be able to view each other’s video and admin’s video. The admin can only view videos of all users and he will not be able to send his video to the users.

Does zoom support one way streaming of video?

Hi vimal.pillai,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Are you looking at the feasibility of this with Electron SDK? This is not supported by Electron SDK.

If using the native SDK is an option, you may achieve your use cases with Custom UI, Custom UI allows you to draw your own meeting UI so present it in different ways, so:

  • When the user is the admin, draw video view that subscribes to all participant’s video besides the admin himself. Turn off the admin’s video by default and do not implement the interface to allow admin to turn on his video so that his video will not send to the user
  • When the user is a participant, just subscribe to the user’s video view.

Electron SDK does not support Custom UI so it is not feasible to do this with Electron SDK.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Is it possible to implement Custom UI and the above solution in Web SDK?

Hi @vimal.pillai,

Thanks for the reply. I do not work on WebSDK so let me forward your post to the WebSDK section and one of the Web SDK experts will be happy to help you.