onInMeetingUserUpdated not called

Hi, i want to show other user video and self video on screen for a meeting -
other user video is displaying , i have added MobileRTCVideoView to. render self video view. and fetched getInMeetingUserList to load the view, but the view doesnt loads
And i noticed in the demo app onInMeetingUserUpdated [User Service Delegate], function gets called.
But on my app its not gettinng called, how to attach the user Service delegate?

Hi dev-admin-demo,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Are you using Custom UI? The callback onInMeetingUserUpdated only works in Custom UI, and it will be triggered in some user-related events such as the avatar that has been downloaded successfully.

May I inquire what are you trying to achieve?


Yes Carson, thanks. It worked.

Glad to hear that it works. Let me know if any other questions. Happy Zooming!