onLowOrRaiseHandStatusChanged never triggered

Is there a bug in window SDK? I am using the latest WIndow SDK zoom-sdk-windows-
But it does not matter which versions. I tried every single older version of window SDK, none of the versions works period. I tried all the back to this version of sdk zoom-sdk-windows-

I am testing to see if I can use onLowOrRaiseHandStatusChanged(bool bLow, unsigned int userid) callback function. But it never triggered.

Here is my codes:

  1. First I add the following function declaration of code to file “LoggedIn_sdk_controller_ui.h”
    virtual void onLowOrRaiseHandStatusChanged(bool bLow, unsigned int userid);

  2. Second I add this following function to file “LoggedIn_sdk_controller_ui.cpp”

    void CSDKLoggedInUIMgr::onLowOrRaiseHandStatusChanged(bool bLow, unsigned int userid)
    wstring wstrMsg = _T(“SomeOne Reaised Hand”);
    ::MessageBox(NULL, wstrMsg.c_str(), _T(“Notify Msg”), MB_OK);

I set up a break point at second line of this function, but it never hit when I toggle Raise Hand and Low Hand through another devices or on the SDK machine. But it does not matter from which device I toggled hand.

BTW I am running Zoom Default UI mode.

What else do I miss?

Any suggestion?


@Hong ,

Thank you for the posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. Sorry for the delayed response. It appears that the root cause of this issue may be related to the Zoom SDK version. To rule out this possibility, could you test on the latest version of the Windows SDK and let us know if the problem persists? Additionally, please let us know if you have subscribed to the webhooks. I have seen similar reports of this behavior in the past, and in some cases, the root cause was that events were not being subscribed to, which would explain why you are not seeing the event when onLowOrRaiseHandStatusChanged is triggered.

Hi Donte,

Never to late.
Thank you for your reply. I’ll try and let you know the result.
Thanks again.


Thanks for the response @Hong!

Let us know if you have any questions.

Hi Donte,

Sorry, I did try to compile with the latest Version Window SDK V5.13.0.11266 . But no luck.

No event triggered!!!