Raise hands no longer seems to work (macOS)


In the last few days the raise hands call in the macOS SDK has ceased to function - lower hands still appears fine, but raise hand returns SDK error 4 for a remote user and SDK error 5 for when you try and raise your own hands. I’ve noticed that in the newest zoom client the raise hand button has moved into “reactions” and I’m wondering if something has also changed server side.

And for clarity, to raise a hand for a user I am calling:
[MEETING_ACTION_CONTROLLER raiseHand: true UserID:userID];

where userID is a known good user ID (and the same ID works to lower a user’s hand)



Ok to add to this there is definitely something funky going on in zoom re. hand raise via the SDK (lower hands seems to work as expected)

1/ If the SDK user is not a co-host the raiseHand:true message works as expected as long as the userID sent is the clients full user ID (not zero)

2/ If the SDK user is a co-host the raiseHand:true message ceases to function - returning SDK error 4.

3/ previously I could raise a remote user’s hand when a co-host through the SDK - this is no longer possible. Not certain it was ever meant to be possible!

It is probably relevant that when a user is co-host the “raise hand” button disappears from the non-custom UI. In the normal public zoom client it is possible for the host to raise their hand so this seems like a bug.



Hi @richard1, thanks for the post.

Sorry about all of the issues with hand raising in the latest SDK release. We have already seen the issue where raising your hand is not possible and are investigating a fix for this.

Regarding the issue with a co-host not being able to raise their hand in the default UI, it is possible that this is a bug related to a change in the Zoom client’s UI. We’ll have to look into this as well, thanks for bringing it to our attention. Once I have an update on either issue, I’ll be sure to let you know.