Only 1 webhook allowed?


I tried creating a 2nd webhook and got the following response - 

 "code": 2202,
 "message": "Can only add max one webhook under an account."

It appears that only 1 webhook is allowed, is that correct? If so, what is the recommended practice for supporting multiple environments (eg. dev, qa, prod)?


Hi Dayal, 

Under our new marketplace, you have the ability to do set webhooks for production and development environments.



Will there be any enhancement in the future for this type of scenario? Initially, based on the webhook object property, I thought that it would mean I can add multiple webhook URLs that points to different servers. The document said that “List webhooks for a account” and there is total_records property when using that API and the API returns the array of webhooks.

Our system requires us to utilize multiple webhook URLs as we are only integrating the API within the system and not release it as an app for the marketplace, so the marketplace is pointless to us. In that case, how would we be able to even create an additional webhook through the API only?


We are in the same boat. This entire thing is aggravating to say the least. We just re-wrote our code to consume the API version 2… but now we find out to get multiple webhooks we need to make a marketplace app? That is nothing like what we want, we just want simple API integration and webhooks for managing things from our application - and we want to be able to use a test environment. We do not want to add an OAuth or do any client based authentication at all, but the entire “marketplace app” concept appears built around this. Even less clear, on the current Developer Account page - it says everything is being migrated to the marketplace. Does this mean I am eventually going to lose my regular API client ID/secret based API auth and be force to some version of OAuth - which makes no sense for account-wide API access? This whole thing is a mess and very confusing. There 2 versions of API documentation floating around (github and hosted by zoom) with discrepancies between them so neither can be trusted. There are 3 different sets of documentation on webhooks (not counting v1). There is no clarity as to what expectations are for people who just want the regular integration they have always had and I can’t trust what documentation I can find.


Why is this page in German? And yes, why are you forcing us to use the Marketplace. I don’t want to build apps for you. I want to use the API for me. Starting to rethink Zoom. You are not thinking about your customer right now. You are thinking of world domination and sales. Can’t have one without the other.


Your link led us to “Oops! This page doesn’t exist.”


Hi Eric, 

The link should be working now. 

You can still use our API using JWT without having to publish apps within our marketplace. After our migration from to marketplace, your API & Webhook credentials will still be the same, the only thing that will change is that you will have to login to

Does this address your concerns?



I just want more than one webhook that I can use with Zapier. Your Zapier integration is lacking and almost useless. I have workarounds but it’s just making life difficult on every turn. I’ve spoken to many internally but it’s not a priority apparently. Why do you even have “Create Webhook” in the API?