2 zoom apps, diffrent users same zoom Account

My company has a Zoom Account that all of the users reporting zoom calls to.
In the marketplace we have created 2 Apps OAuth server-to-server.
One has reached its top subscription amount.
Second, configured with 1 new subscription callback (validation worked)
But we dont see the new APP pushes data and calls the webhook.

i trying to understand if my logic is correct…


HI @yosi.hasid
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
Are you talking about webhook events?
Are you using the same endpoint or a different one for both apps?

Hi Elisa,
Since each app is restricted to MAX 10 subscriptions, i am creating another app for other callback url’s we need to get data pushed from Zoom.
So Yes webhook events
And i am using diffrent callbacks for each App


@yosi.hasid ,

Thank you for your post in the Zoom Developer Forum. Could you provide more details about the app that reached its maximum subscription amount? If you received a notification or message indicating this, could you share it here?

Additionally, could you clarify which app you’re not receiving webhook events for?