onMeeting Event isn't firing

I’m trying to add event listeners to a React-based app and while I’ve been able to get onReaction to fire with the following code;

useEffect(() => {
    const handleMeetingReact = (eventInfo) => {
      window.localStorage.setItem(`${eventInfo.screenName} REACTED`, eventInfo.type);

    zoomSdk?.addEventListener('onReaction', handleMeetingReact);

    return () => {
      zoomSdk?.removeEventListener('onReaction', handleMeetingReact);
  }, [zoomSdk]);

doing the same exact thing with onMeeting doesn’t trigger anything.

I’ve added a Scope to the app (meeting:read), onMeeting and onReaction under Zoom App SDK in the Features tab, and in made sure to add onMeeting = 'onMeeting', and onReaction = 'onReaction', to the capabilities property with zoomSdkContextValue.zoomSdk.config()

I have a feeling that I’m just missing some sort of setting or additional permission, but I’m not getting any error messages or other helpful information that might help me narrow this down. Thanks in advance

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