onMyUserContextChange does not fire on Authorize

onMyUserContextChange does not fire on Authorize:

I’ve been working on the in-client auth flow and I have not been able to get onMyUserContextChange to fire when a user’s status changes to authorized.

  • I know the event listener works because it does fire on other events such as:

    • unauthenticatedauthenticated

    • Change to host/co-host or change to attendee from host/co-host

My ZoomSdk version is ‘0.16’ and client version is 5.11.3. I’ve only tried this on Mac OS.

Replying to bump this up.

Hi @jose.jassojr ,

Please see this post for guidance: onMyUserContextChange event not firing for unauthenticated users - #5 by joel.azeta

Thanks for reporting!

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@gianni.zoom - I tested and can confirm this was fixed in 5.11.3. I will follow up with @jose.jassojr. Also, I spoke with Joe regarding your issue. Will you be available to sync up?

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@joel.azeta Hi Joel, yes I will be available to sync up.

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Thx for syncing up @jose.jassojr . We will get back to you once we get more information regarding the resolution.

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@joel.azeta Hello, is this fixed on v5.11.3? I am currently testing my app for in-client oauth on v5.11.3 and MacOS, and I am experiencing the same issue where the onMyUserContextChange does not fire when a user status changes from authenticated to authorized.

Thank you!

Hello @so-young - No, this wasn’t fixed. Currently working with dev team and will let you know once we have a resolution.

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