onMyUserContextChange event not firing for unauthenticated users

Hi, I’m testing the onMyUserContextChange while on guest mode, and it seems like the event doesn’t fire when an unauthenticated (not signed in) user changes their screen name / role. It works well for authenticated and authorized users. Is this expected?

Hello @so-young - Sorry for the late follow-up. I would presume this is not working as expected but will get in touch with our dev team to validate the workflow. I will let you know once I have any tangible information. Once again, thanks for your patience.

@joel.azeta Is this issue fixed? I’m still not seeing the event fire for unauthenticated users.

@madhum - I got feedback from our dev team and confirmed that this is working as designed but will follow up with Arun to gather more details.

Hello @madhum - Thanks for your patience regarding this request.

Quick Update: After much deliberation between the product and dev team, engineering has confirmed they will be modifying this feature which should be fixed in our upcoming release. Will provide more updates during ZA dev office hours.