onSpotlightVideoUserChange array not correct on first user spotlit

onSpotlightVideoUserChange array not correct on first user spotlit

Which macOS Client SDK version?

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Spotlight a user. Array returned by onSpotlightVideoUserChange is nil.
  2. Add spotlight another user. Array now contains both spotlit users.
  3. Remove second user spotlit. Array is now correct and returns the single spotlit user.


  • Device 1: Mac Mini M1
  • OS: macOS Big Sur 11.3
  • Device 2: Macbook Pro 2017 15 inch
  • OS: macOS Mojave 10.14.6
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Hi @ashgreen, thanks for using our SDK.

Please provide the following information so that we can investigate further:

  • Are you using the default UI or custom UI?
  • If using the default UI, are you spotlighting users programmatically or through UI input?
  • If spotlighting programmatically, please provide a code snippet showing how you are spotlighting and include the return value of the spotlight method you are seeing.


  • This is using the default UI
  • Users are spotlit from a separate instance of the vanilla Zoom client

Hi @ashgreen,

Thanks for clarifying. I have not been able to reproduce this with the below steps. Please let me know if I am missing anything.

  1. Start a meeting with the Zoom client
  2. Join the meeting with one SDK instance and at least one other participant
  3. From the host’s device on the Zoom client, spotlight one user
  4. Observe onSpotlightVideoUserChange callback with an array of one participant


Yes that is the correct sequence to reproduce.

It does seem to be intermittent whether the array is correct. It has occurred on multiple machines for separate users and different versions of macOS.

It also happens when multiple people are spotlit, then each user is unspotlit in turn, giving the correct array of users, until only one person is spotlit, at which point it will return a null array.
Again this is intermittent.

Hi @ashgreen,

After several attempts, I have not been able to reproduce this behavior. How frequently are you able to reproduce this? Are you able to reproduce in the sample app as well?


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