isUserSpotlighted function doesn't work

isUserSpotlighted function returns false for a spotlighted user.

Which iOS Meeting SDK version?
iOS SDK (Latest)

To Reproduce

  1. Create a meeting in Zoom app
  2. Connect with user A to the meeting via Zoom app
  3. Connect with user B to the meeting via iOS SDK (Custom UI)
  4. Spotlight user A

Actual Result:
Calling isUserSpotlighted with spotlighted user id returns false

Expected Result:
Calling isUserSpotlighted with spotlighted user id should return true

Additional context
Callback - (void)onSpotlightVideoChange:(BOOL)on; is called when a user get spotlighted.

According to the documentation

@warning The function is only for Zoom UI.

Doesn’t it mean that its expected that isUserSpotlighted function is not working for Custom UI? Is there any other API to detect if a user is spotlighted?

Thank you!

Hey @dmytro,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

The spotlighting interfaces are not supported in custom UI, so they will always return false.


so, is there any other ways to get ID of spotlight users? thank you

Hi @janTatang,

The isUserSpotlighted method and onSpotlightVideoChange callback mentioned earlier in this topic are currently the only ways to obtain information about spotlit users. Is there something in your use case that these do not work for?


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