Open a Zoom Join URL from another application

We have an app for Windows and MAC.
One of the use cases is list the upcoming meetings for the user using the Meeting API. When the user clicks “Join” in our app, meeting should be opened in the installed Zoom Client.

We came across few articles to achieve this in Android. Could someone direct me to any articles to achieve this in Windows and MAC?

Few of the options we explored/are exploring:

  1. When the user clicks on Join, we open the Join URL in the default web browser and Zoom Client automatically opens from there. This works, but the experience for the user is not good. He starts with our app, taken to browser and then to Zoom Client.

  2. Came across few forums where users have triggered Zoom client from CLI/Terminal with meeting parameters. While this may work, this expects the absolute path to the Zoom Client. This will be difficult to guarantee in various systems/configuration our users would work in.
    If Zoom client can be triggered from terminal, we can try calling that from our App directly.

  3. If Zoom client registers itself as default app for a certain filetype (say, Outlook for .ics), our App could prepare the file with meeting details and ask OS to open the file.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

@avisekjena ,

Welcome to the Developer Forum and great question. Based on the use case, it seems that option one is the best path forward. Zoom URL schemes have been deprecated which would be the ideal approach to achieve the described workflow. I’ll double-check internally to see if there may be alternative solutions you can consider.

That aside, I think option three would be a neat feature request. If you would like it to be considered for a future release, I recommend submitting your use case as feedback here: Feedback - Zoom

Thank you @donte.zoom,

I was hoping three already existed. :slight_smile:
As suggested, I have dropped a feature request for it.

This may be an extension of option two above. Asking it explicitly, to cover all possible avenues.
Does the Zoom client run a local server on a certain port, which we can probably call?

Do reply if you find something internally. Until then, it seems, we have to live with option one.

Thank you for your time.