Open mail app with mailto URL

Zoom app SDK version: 0.16.8

I am working on an in-client Zoom App using React.

I need to be able to open the mail app using a mailto url ( Using the openUrl api does not work for this.

I would like to know if there’s another way of achieving this?

Hi @david.alfonso , are you referring to the mail app on on a desktop client? If so, I believe this is the intended behavior and it is not a supported feature yet. Will do some more digging. See also: How to use openUrl to send an email - #2 by j.schoenemeyer

Hi @gianni.zoom. Correct I’d like to be able to open the desktop mail app. If the feature is not supported yet, would you happen to know if and when this would be implemented?

Hi @david.alfonso , still do not have an update on when this would be available.