Open Meeting Window in Secondary Monitor


I can start a Zoom Meeting from my Windows Application, but I would like that when I start the meeting, the new meeting windows appears in the Secondary Monitor, not in the main monitor where I´m running my application. Is it possible?

Now I can get handle with SDK (etUIController().GetMeetingUIWnd(…)) and then move the meeting window…but, the main problem is that first the meeting window appears in front of my application, and then I move it…It´s not a good result. It´s possible to start the meeting window directry in the secondary monitor?

Thanks so much.

Hi David,

Thanks for the post. I will consult our Windows engineer regarding your use cases and get back to you.


Hi David,

Thanks for the post and pardon the late reply. I have consulted our engineers regarding your use cases:

  1. We provides an API virtual SDKError GetMeetingUIWnd(HWND& hFirstView, HWND& hSecondView) = 0;, which allows you to get the handle of the meeting window.
  2. Once you have the handle of the meeting window, you can use code to move the window to the 2nd monitor. There are many tutorials regarding this, below is one of the code snippet that we found online:
int ret;
MONITORINFO  inf,inf2;
WINDOWINFO   wininf;
int  Num = GetSystemMetrics(SM_CMONITORS);
if(Num >= 2)
    HMONITOR hMonitor = ::MonitorFromPoint( CPoint( 0,0 ), MONITOR_DEFAULTTOPRIMARY );
    inf.cbSize  = sizeof(inf);
    HMONITOR mo = ::MonitorFromPoint( CPoint(inf.rcMonitor.right + 100,0), MONITOR_DEFAULTTONEAREST );
    inf2.cbSize = sizeof(inf2);
    ret = SetWindowPos(AfxGetApp()->GetMainWnd(),
					wininf.rcWindow.left + inf2.rcMonitor.left,  +,

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi Carson,

thanks so much for your reply.

Ok, it´s the same that we are doing now. The problem is that the meeting windows appears in front our application, and then we move.

Thanks so much anyway!
Best regards!

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