How to Prevent Separate Zoom Meeting Windows and Display Meeting Content within the Application


I hope this message finds you well. I am currently using the Zoom SDK on Windows for my application. When joining a Zoom meeting, separate windows/dialogs are displayed for “waiting to join” and “during the meeting” itself.

I am interested in achieving the following:

  • Preventing the Display of Separate Windows: I would like to prevent the “waiting to join” and “during the meeting” windows/dialogs from being displayed separately. Instead, I want to display the meeting content within my own Windows application.
  • Integration within the Application: I would like to integrate the Zoom video call as a feature within my existing Windows application, but avoiding the use of Web components like WebView.

I have tried using the DisableShowJoinMeetingWnd and DisableWaitingForHostDialog functions as follows:
While this successfully prevents the “waiting to join” window from appearing, the window “during the meeting” is still displayed separately.

    /* meetingService is created ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::CreateMeetingService */
    ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::IMeetingUIController *ui = meetingService->GetUIController();
    ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::IMeetingConfiguration *config = meetingService->GetMeetingConfiguration();

    config->DisableShowJoinMeetingWnd( true );
    config->DisableWaitingForHostDialog( true );

Could you please provide guidance on how to achieve the desired behavior of preventing all separate windows and displaying the meeting content within my own Windows application using the Zoom SDK?
I appreciate your assistance and any insights you can provide on this matter. Thank you for your time and support.

Best regards.

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