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I’m developing a PHP portal and I need to open an instant meeting wc URL into an iframe so that the user can not install zoom for a single meeting.
My wc url is same:[meetingId]?pwd=[meetingPwd]"

Actually, using this url, the user must necessarily accept a privacy policy performing a login; clicking to accept privacy policy, into an iframe broke a page.

Is possible to avoid this situation so that user, starting from wc can join a meeting without login step or others steps?

Thanks in advance.


Hey @adondoni,

It sounds like you’re asking if it’s possible to join directly without having to login via that URL, is that right?

If so, I should note that the user would need to already be logged into Zoom with their associated email address, in order to avoid having to login.

I hope this clarifies, but let me know if I’ve misunderstood anything.


Hello Will,
thanks for your reply.
Yes, I created an instant meeting via zoom api with Java backend and then create a web client URL when my PHP web app join a meeting.
To simplify user experience i need to open into iframe wc URL, without the user insert name, captcha and agree privacy policy.
I would likes to simulate “open in a browser” feature shows when user open a meeting link.
Thanks in advance.

Hey @adondoni — thanks for clarifying. At the moment, this is only possible when using the Zoom Client (which has these URL schemes).

I should also note that we generally do not recommend iFraming the Web SDK, as this is not something that was intended to be supported.


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