Seamless zoom using php

how could I start meeting with an api without signing into zoom as i integrated zoom to my website?

I integrated zoom api to my website and when I start meeting using api from my website it redirects me to the start url. but when I logged out from zoom and then trying to start meeating using my website it redirects to the zoom login page. Do you have any solution if I am using the api key and secrete key and auth token then it wont want to login me again if am logged out. help me out.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
I am using the JWT.

Which Endpoint/s?
I am trying to start meeting without logged into zoom account as i already mention my api key, secrete key and jwt token in api.

Hi @nikhil.b thanks for posting & using Zoom!

You will not be able to start a meeting until the host directly joins the meeting. This meeting can be set to allow participants to join before the host, but meeting actions, including the starting of a meeting, cannot be handled via the API.

thank you but as a host if I am logged into zoom and then trying to start meeting using my website it redirects me to start meeting url created by api but not directly the page where meeting actually starts means the page where I can access the camera and microphone and other options.
I solved this but using some tricks but trying to find perfect solution on it.

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Hey @nikhil.b,

Glad you found a workaround. Your best option is to use the start_url returned from the Create and Get webinar endpoints.