OpenAPI Definition Issues


We are doing some Azure based development with the Zoom API using the OpenAPI definitions published here ( A couple of issues and one ask. Simply intended as constructive feedback!

We are using Azure Logic App Custom Connectors and Azure Logic Apps to automate several processes. These custom connectors allow us to import OpenAPI formatted templates, however they do have a limitation of 1MB. The default Zoom OpenAPI definition is 2.5MB so we are forced to manually carve up the file. This is manageable, but a pain. Hopefully Microsoft will expand on the support sometime in the future. I note this for your awareness. If you want to support the Microsoft toolset you may want to release two variations, or perhaps break this one very large file into pieces with different subsets of queries.

The bigger issue is that the structure of the OpenAPI definition has a number of errors. I would suggest someone parses this file to ensure its complete and accurate. For instance, the definition below is missing the GroupId parameter definition. There are numerous examples of this. There are several other structural issues which with the right validation should be easy enough to pickup on. Microsoft does validate the integrity of the file so we are stuck having to run through this piece by piece to correct the issues before being able to use it.


"/groups/{groupId}/settings": {
  "get": {
    "responses": {},
    "summary": "Get a Group's Settings",
    "operationId": "getGroupSettings",
    "tags": [
    "description": "Get settings for a [group]( \n**Prerequisite**: Pro, Business, or Education account<br>\n**Scopes**: `group:read:admin`<br>\n \n **[Rate Limit Label](** `Medium`",
    "security": [
        "OAuth": []
    "parameters": [
        "in": "query",
        "name": "option",
        "type": "string",
        "enum": [
        "allowEmptyValue": true,
        "description": "`meeting_authentication`: Use this query parameter to view [meeting authentication configuration]( applied on the account.<br>`recording_authentication`: Use this query parameter to view [recording authentication configuration]( applied on the account."

Hey @shane.mercer,

Thanks for sharing this feedback! We will work on making the Zoom OpenAPI spec easier to use with Azure. CC @shrijana.g