Opening zoom meetings from Java

I’m trying to create a Java application which will be able to open (join) Zoom meetings.

You can open zoom meetings via terminal if you explicitly have id and password, with command: open zoommtg:// , you can use this command in Java as well.

However, sometimes you don’t own the id and password explicitly, you have some strange link, with no way to evaluate their id and pass. Though, if you paste this strange link in say Google Chrome, it will offer you to launch Zoom application and then you will join the meeting.

I can do this with Java, I can make default browser go to some link, but I don’t want that, I don’t want to go through browser, I want it directly.

Is there any way to open Zoom meeting directly from Java with just strange link? (No id and pass explicitly) As Google chrome does it, it has the link and it’s able to open the meeting.

Well, if I could open it via terminal, I would do it with Java as well. I tried curl , but it’s just getting me the html response only, maybe expected.

By the way, if needed, I’m using MacOS Monterey with zsh.

this can help

have you checked zoom API?

Hi @aqibjamshed839,

Currently the only SDK that we have which is Java based is our Android SDK. We do not have an SDK that can run directly on the JVM, nor do we have any long-term plans to release such an SDK. As previously mentioned in this thread, our REST API does provide access to some meeting-related functionality. I would recommend checking out our REST API documentation. If you run into any issues, please use the #api-and-webhooks category. :slightly_smiling_face: