Operation Timeout Start Audio

Hello @vic.yang ,

We tried adding await on client.init(), moved client.getMediaStream after client.join, tested it and it WORKS!


this.zoomClient = ZoomVideo.createClient();

await this.zoomClient.init(


await this.zoomClient.join(param1, param2, param3, param4)
  .then(() => {
    // some code
  .catch((error) => {

 this.zoomStream = this.zoomClient.getMediaStream();

Thank you so much for helping us!
cc @redenfloyd.cayanan @neiloswald

Hey @vic.yang,

We are also facing this issue. While we don’t wait for the init method to be resolved we also don’t call join right after.

There is at least 2 minutes between init and join.

Any idea for us?

Hey @devs2

Could you integrate our client-side telemetry and report the issue to us? It’s very useful and fast way to help us investigate the issue.


Hi @vic.yang . Thanks, didn’t know that was a function. However we cannot use that function due to the SDK giving us timeout errors when we attempt to update. We are locked to version 1.6.2.

From our other thread:

Indeed we were able to consistently reproduce the OPERATION_TIMEOUT error in regards to audio starting.

Our application requires complete automation. Zero user interaction aside from logging in and selecting which session. After that the user is automatically cycled through meeting rooms. We cannot have user interaction to start audio or video.

During our testing we found if we roll back to version 1.6.2 of the SDK then the audio OPERATION_TIMEOUT issue isn’t present.

What changed between 1.6.2 and above that would effect this behaviour? We’ve checked the changelog and see no mention of this changed behaviour.

Hey @devs2

Did you auto-start audio upon joining the session? Did you listen to the auto-play-audio-failed event? For the privacy concern of the browser, the auto-play audio will not be successful.


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