Microphone Turn ON problem

Microphone Turn ON problem:

App is developed on Angular 14,
using Component View of Meeting SDK
After join the Call When I Click on Microphone Icon to Turn on Mic, It is giving Following error in Consol

zone.js:1061 Unhandled Promise rejection: {type: 'INVALID_OPERATION', reason: 'Computer audio has been loading, please wait.'} ; Zone: <root> ; Task: Promise.then ; Value: {type: 'INVALID_OPERATION', reason: 'Computer audio has been loading, please wait.'} undefined
api.onUnhandledError @ zone.js:1061
handleUnhandledRejection @ zone.js:1086
api.microtaskDrainDone @ zone.js:1080
drainMicroTaskQueue @ zone.js:592
invokeTask @ zone.js:491
invokeTask @ zone.js:1661
globalCallback @ zone.js:1692
globalZoneAwareCallback @ zone.js:1725
zone.js:1061 Unhandled Promise rejection: {type: 'OPERATION_TIMEOUT'} ; Zone: <root> ; Task: Promise.then ; Value: {type: 'OPERATION_TIMEOUT'} undefined

Meeting SDK version is 2.9.7
Browser: Google Chrome Version 113.0.5672.93 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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@qasatti , is this issue in the latest version on Meeting SDK 2.12.2?

we were facing this issue on 2.9.7 after Upgrade to 2.12.2 we have the similar issue,
issues is resolved on desktop chrome with 2.10.1 but now we have mic issues on Mobile Devices Browsers specially on iPhone

which ios version - zoom web (SDK and the version on zoom.us) needs 15.4 or newer

are you able to resolve the issue on 2.12.2 (excluding mobile browsers)

Yes, it is resolved on Desktop browser after upgrading to 2.10.1