OWASP Header errors prevent content from loading correctly

I am trying to submit zoom app in marketplace. When the app was submitted I got a response from the Zoom team which is “OWASP Header errors prevent content from loading correctly.” and the below screenshot.

I tested the header and was able to see the ‘OWASP-Header’ in header response with 200 status code but after a while when we retest it the header was missing and status code was 304. Can someone please guide us understand what needs to be done? The home page is built on Framer-“https://www.framer.com/” while the actual app is built on Bubble “https://bubble.io/”.

Hi @ritz7
Thanks for reaching out to us!
Have you taken a look into our Docs here:

Also, feel free to take a look at our sample app here:

Might help you as a reference as an example of valid headers