Unable to verify zoomverify.html


I have an application in the zoom marketplace but unnfortunately I do not know enough front end or hosting to be able to host an html file.

Currently I have a reactjs application hosted in an ec2 instance AWS. I tried to add the file in the public directory but it always redirects to zoomverify instead of zoomverify.html

I do not know how to proceed.

Could you help me?

Hosting a custom HTML file alongside your React application in an EC2 instance for the Zoom marketplace can involve some configuration. Here are steps you can follow to solve the redirection issue and successfully access your HTML file:

  1. Check Your Web Server Configuration:

Apache: Ensure your httpd.conf file has proper configuration for serving static files like HTML. Check directives like DocumentRoot and blocks for your public directory. You might need to enable modules like mod_rewrite if using URL rewriting.
Nginx: Verify your nginx.conf file has correct settings for the public directory. Pay attention to root and location directives. You might need to configure additional directives for serving HTML files specifically.
2. Verify Redirection Rules:

Check for any server-side redirect rules that might be interfering. Look for rewrite rules in your web server configuration files or .htaccess files that might be redirecting all requests to zoomverify instead of serving your HTML file.
Also, double-check your code for any client-side redirect logic using JavaScript that might be causing the issue.
3. Accessing Files Directly:

Ensure your HTML file is located in the correct public directory accessible by the web server. The file path relative to the document root should match the URL you’re accessing it with.
Test accessing the HTML file directly by entering its full URL in your browser (e.g., http://your-ec2-instance-ip/zoomverify.html). This helps isolate if the issue is with the file path or server configuration.
4. Debug and Inspect logs:

Use browser developer tools like the Network tab to inspect the request and response headers. This can reveal if there are redirects happening and where they originate.
Check your web server’s error logs for any clues about the redirection or access issues. The specific location of logs depends on your server setup.

I do not have any Apache or Nginx config to run my code. Is it totally necessary to do this?
I just have my code in containers and running in an EC2 cluster

would it still be working without the static file? a url like “mywebsite . com / zoomverify / verifyzoom”


Hello, Please check your DM for further information.

Regards, Kwaku