Owner Object on Call Logs Not Correct if Owner is a Common Area

API Endpoint: GET /phone/call_logs
Link to endpoint documentation: Zoom Phone API


  • I’m doing some research and development on Zoom Common Areas, Common Area Phones, and Zoom Phone Call Logs. For Call Logs, One of the properties is the owner object. Within this object, there is the id and type properties. I noticed that when a call log is owned by a user, these two fields are appropriately populated with the user’s ID and user’s type. However, when the owner of a call log is a Common Area, these two properties are omitted. Further, the user_id field on the call log response is not the Common Area’s ID (in fact, I’m not sure what ID it is referring to).

Is this a known issue with the call log response when the owner is a Common Area? Is your team able to update this so that we can more easily associate a call log to a Common Area?

How To Reproduce
Make a phone call to a Zoom Phone Common Area. Once the call ends, retrieve the call logs via GET /phone/call_logs. Observe the owner object of the call log id and type properties of this object are not populated since the owner is the called common area.

@kyle.aebischer Thanks for reaching out. We can confirm that as of right now, this is an expected behavior as common area does not have an owner id.

Hmm, according to the owner.type possible values, commonAreaPhone is a supported type. I would expect this value to be used when a call log is owned by a common area phone. Is that something that will be changed? Additionally, will the owner.id be updated to be the common area or common area phone’s id?