Zoom API - Get call log details "log_details" property is empty

## Get call log details

When I call the endpoint the property “log_details” is always an empty array, do I need any additional parameters or specific permissions to see the values on the property?

I created a Server-to-Server OAuth app to get credentials to access the API and set scopes as specified on API docs:

My user is administrator for my my account

I’m using postman to test

Example response:

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Hi @jaricardodev
Welcome to our community and thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum!
I am happy to help here!
I actually did some testing on my end and got the same results than you. My log_details array is empty.
Allow me some time to reach out to the Phone team and Engineering to gather some information to share with you.

Hi @jaricardodev
Thanks for your patience while I work on this issue.
As I mentioned previously I was able to replicate this issue on my end and I just reached out to our Engineering team to learn more about this issue. (ZOOM-408620. internal ticket for reference)
I will come back with an update shortly

Hi @jaricardodev
Thank you for your patience while I worked on this issue further.

I was able to hear back from our Team and they confirmed that this is the expected behavior.

According to design, the log_details is used to indicate whether the call is forwarded to another user, and as our API doc says it indicate the child records.

So if this is just a one way call, which means User A called User B, there are not log_details value.

Hope this helps,

I took some time to reply to test properly the scenario I’m using

I’m basically creating a conference call as stated on this doc: Using Zoom Phone conference call – Zoom Support

The scenarios where I tried can be found by doing a call to the API as:

None of the log records has details in it

If this is not the right way to identify Merged calls, can you point me to what is?

Hi @jaricardodev
Sorry for the late response.
I am looking into this issue and I am not finding a way to report the merged calls.
As I said in my previous message, the log_details will get populated when the call is forwarded to another user and not when the call has been merged.

I will go ahead and create an internal ticket with more details and example API calls to see if I can get some suggestions from my team or a workaround and I will come back to you shortly.