Parallel meetings using the api

I generate multiple users with endpoint custCreate.
Suppose I have 4 users and I put them in tuples of 2,
Can I start two different meetings in parallel for each tuple and with the endpoint

Hi @isidorogomez.a yes, create a meeting hosted on behalf of one of the users, then add the second registrant or distribute the join_url to them.


We are currently using the same system as described but since the last security updates of May regarding the share screen, this method does no longer authorize users to share their screen (even if the parameter “Who can share?” is set to “All Participants”) as no users are host (or co-host)
We tried to create meeting on the paid user account (and not on basic users created by the API) but this does not allow 2 meetings at the same time…

Could you please explain us what is the purpose of this parameter as it does not seem to have any effect? How could we have 2 meetings (or more) at the same time with the share screen option enabled and every participants with the ability to start/stop the meeting with not necessary a host (without having to create them on different paid account as we ca have many parallel meetings)

Thank you for you help

Hey @webinar-test,

If I understand your question correctly, you will need to have multiple users to host the meetings at the same time, since only one user can host one meeting at a time.

For screen share permission info, please see our support doc:


If I have 4 users in the api (a,b,c and d), can I create two parallel meetings one for (a and b) and one for (c and d)?

Hey @isidorogomez.a,

Yes, you can run parallel meetings so long as they are hosted by different users.