Parameters in zoomus and zoommtg protocol to start internet audio?

Is there a parameter in zoomus and zoommtg protocol to start internet audio when starting a meeting?.

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So we have a few folks that are not technical at all. We think it may be a good idea to install the zoom app on their devices and then on the days of the meetings sending them a text message with a link like the following:


This way all they have to do is click on the text msg and that will launch the app and they will be let into the meeting.

The only issue I see is that we still have to select internet or phone audio when the person is let in to the meeting.

Our question, is there a way of bypassing this with a parameter right on the link?

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Android and iOS

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Hi @crispymike,

Thanks for the post. All available options are listed in Other than those mentioned in the doc, there is no other options available.