Pardot Integration - Thank you page submission not redirecting correctly

I have integrated our Zoom webinar into a Pardot form. All of the information comes through correctly, and the event appears in attendee calendars. The issue I’m having is that the thank you page doesn’t redirect to a separate page and only redirects within the form container. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Just to add to this. I have followed the following instructions -, including the hidden redirect. However, it isn’t going through to a separate page, it is just appearing in the container.

Hey Jorge!

Every app in the Zoom Marketplace is maintained and supported by the developer who built it. In order to be published in the marketplace, developers must provide documentation and support URLs which are available on the app listing page.

Pardot’s Listing page is here: App Marketplace

And Contains links to Documentation:
And Support:

Please engage the support resources there while we raise this question internally.


Our Pardot App experts have indicated that this should solve your issue:

Let us know if this helps!

-Abe Queen

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