Pardot & Zoom - Pardot Registration Form - Zoom Error after Form Submission

We have enabled the Zoom Webinar for Pardot app, and when using Zoom registration forms, the integration behaves as expected. However, we need to use Pardot forms to streamline marketing efforts and those are not behaving correctly as per the documentation provided here:

The Pardot portions of the form behave as expected but an error is received after submission (screenshot below) and the registrant is not added to the Zoom list.

We have made the requested updates including:

  1. Created a Layout Template in Pardot specifically for Zoom Webinar, moving the form-if-thank-you block to the top
  2. Entered the code in Pardot Form Thank You Content using HTML editor including Post URL and Webinar ID
  3. Entered provided javascript in Pardot Form Thank You Code

Post Registration Failed
500 - INT_ffbfe0219ada5c3

Which App?
Zoom Webinar for Pardot

Error –

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Struggling with a similar issue here. We’ve had multiple users attempt to follow these instructions, but upon completion, the submit button doesn’t do anything. We have followed the same requested updates that Becky has listed above (per the zoom documentation).

Zoom reg forms work fine for us, but we’re attempting to move over to Pardot forms for the same reason.

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Hey @JordanAVIA ,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing the same issue. Can you please provide a screenshot of the error?


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Hey @beckyjago , thanks for letting us know about the issue you are experiencing.

We are investigating this and will get back to you shortly. (ZOOM-266543)


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Hey @JordanAVIA , @beckyjago ,

We need some more info to continue debugging the issue you are experiencing.

Can you please sen a video to, showing how you configured Pardot Form and Form Layout, and how you are using registration form to Zoom? Please also include a link to this thread.


Hi Tommy,

The customer reached out to Zoom support via email, her video can be found here:

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