Participant access to Zoom Meeting via OTT

We have an OTT platform that we use to stream live events, services etc. The events are available to people that are a part of a particular plan, basically, some sessions are not available to everyone. I would like to use Zoom to integrate where the select participants can see each other but enter zoom via our OTT. I would need the link to only be accessed through our OTT to the individuals who are supposed to have access. The end result would be the stream would include the speaker and the particpants but not require our participants to login to Zoom.

Hi, This can be possible.

You can consider using our SDKs (Meeting or Video) based on your use case.

If using the meeting SDK, you can choose to design a custom URL, which when clicked, first opens your SDK / App and then invokes the Zoom SDK.

Here are the details :