Participant ID for calling into meeting via phone

When a user calls into a meeting, they are asked to enter their participant ID. Presumably if participants are added as registrants to the meeting in advance, we can get a participant ID from the API to allow users to identify themselves once they call in. However, I don’t see a participant ID field on meeting registrants. Am I missing something?


Hi Derek,

Unfortunately participant IDs for attendees are only generated once the attendee has joined via computer. See #4 under “Join by Telephone Only” in the article below:

Join by Telephone

Currently, only panelists that you have assigned in a webinar will receive an email that contains a participant ID, but this participant ID is not retrievable via the API.

Add Webinar Panelist


Thanks for the follow-up. It would be great to get that onto the roadmap, or be able to disable the prompt for a participant ID as it confuses our users.

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I know that there have been multiple requests to pull the ID via API over the years - do we have any updates on whether it is road-mapped for the future yet?
Currently, we are booking Panelists via API but then we have to manually go in and pull the ID for phones and add it to our records - which is hectic for when you are adding 10 / 20 / 30 panelists a day into multiple events. thanks team!