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Meeting Participant Report

The report is only showing 9 participants, but there were 37 on the call. Looking at the timestamps, the report appears to only show participants that went into breakout rooms about an hour and a half into the call. There are no participants reported at the start of the call when most people joined.

How To Reproduce
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1. Request URL:
2. Authentication method or app type: JWT Token
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Hi @brian8
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome back to our Developer forum!
I looked into the meeting ID that you shared with us and it looks like this meeting was started 2 times.
So the report that you are getting is correct, and it shows 9 participants, this is for the second instance of the meeting.

In order to get the right data you will need to use the meeting uuid of the instance that you need, because if you only use the meeting ID it will pull data from the latest instance of the meeting.

You can get the uuids for past meeting instances with the following endpoint: