Participants can't hear video that I show within a power-point presentation (screen shared)

In my meetings I’m using a shared screen and Power-Point presentations.

In my last meeting, I put a 2 minutes video within the power-point presentation.

All participants could see the short video, but could not hear it. Only me, as a host could hear the video. I used earphone set.

This is the link to the recording of that meeting:

The short video start at 51:28

Does usage of earphone by the host cause this problem ?





Hi Idan, there is a “share audio” option in the sharing UI. Make sure you select that and re-test it please.

Hi, I can’t find it in the features.
Can you please help me.

Thank you,

Hi @cohavc91,

Thanks for the reply. You could follow the instruction here to locate the feature:


I’m having the same problem. I have a PowerPoint presentation with a built-in video which has audio. The video with audio plays fine on all my laptops. When I share screen to share the PowerPoint on Zoom I click on ‘share audio’ in the bottom left so the tick appears. I then share the screen and click on the three dots (More) along the Zoom taskbar and tick ‘share computer sound’. This allows me to play a separate pre-recorded video with sound to the meeting participants. However, it will not play the sound in the PowerPoint video, even though the PowerPoint audio plays through any laptop that I try it on ie it’s only through Zoom that the video doesn’t have audio.

Is there a third setting somewhere that I need to activate, in order to play the PowerPoint sound?

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I have the same issue. Only I as the presenter can hear the audio in the slideshow…any fix ?

Hi @gillwilson2, @aly,

Thanks for the post and pardon the late response. Are you facing this issue with Zoom client or Zoom SDK? If this issue happens with Zoom client, since this is out of the scope of what this forum is for(This forum is for Marketplace Apps) and we have no insight to the questions in Zoom clien, please try to contact Zoom client support at and one of the Zoom experts will be happy to assist you. If this issue happens with Zoom Windows SDK, could you provide the SDK version, and the steps to reproduce this issue with our demo app?


aly, can you share lease the software you used for making the slideshow?

I can share with you one that I used when I was preparing for my mom’s birthday. I wanted to make a surprise for her so I called all our relatives grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts and their childre and organized a surprise party. In the end I showed the slideshow I made from all the photos I had of my mother and all my family. (maybe you didn’t want to read this story, so sorry for taking your time :D). Here is the software I used

Hey @petr.ivn,

Thanks for sharing that!


Hi, I face the same problem. The solution suggested by Zoom Team does not work!!! The audio sounds from the Powerpoint presentation do not work in the Zoom presentation. My workaround was to just use Google Slides. You can simply import Powerpoint slides into Google which automatically convert. BUT you need to copy over any video clips from your slides and store them in google drive. You may need to do slight modification in google slides as it does not have the full feature of Powerpoint.
I realize the video performance in this manner is much better during the presentation.

Hey @chongpoh,

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I am sorry you are facing issue with the audio during a powerpoint presentation. Are you using the Zoom Windows SDK or the Zoom Windows application?


Same issue! I didn’t resolve it yet…

Hey @janeed,

Are you using the Zoom Windows SDK or the Zoom Windows application?


Hmm, that sounds strange. I had problems like that. The easier way to complete it was a simple restart of the zoom or even of the PC. Restarting an old computer could take some time if you get what I say. Recently I got promoted to another company that didn’t want to work on zoom because their old experience wasn’t that pleasant. After a while, they somehow hired for further work in groups. It was a time ago, and I still can’t forget working for that company.

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This forum is for SDK developer questions only.


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Audio in a PPT played in ZOOM is broadcast through the presenter’s computer’s speaker.
From there the computer’s microphone picks it up and sends it to your audience.
The transmission of the audio through the air to the microphone kills the volume by 90%!

Why don’t ZOOM programmers tell us this???

ZOOM always transmits the audio it picks up through its default microphone or the microphone you plug in to your audience, If there is a software switch that electrically connects the audio-out to the audio-in, there’s no way to get around this. If you manage to find a way to make the connection, than you CANNOT also speak “live” to your audience.

Hey @Gessler,

Are you using the Zoom Windows SDK or the Zoom Windows application?


Thanks for the reply…

I used to write complex systems and evolutionary applicatons in C++. However, I don’t know the inside outs of Zoom. I only use it as a participant in conferences, so I guess I’m using the application in Windows and not a systems developer kit.

It appears that a participant can share his one screen image and only one audio stream. Maybe there’s a software method to feed the audio stream embedded in PPT directly into the audio stream destined for the sharing audience? Or maybe I could do it with hardware plug-ins if I knew the schematics of the PC’s interior (i.e. how the internal PC mike and speakers are connected to the external sockets for and ad-on mike and headphone). And maybe there’s a way to build a mixer? The problem is that the audio from the PPT is transduced to an air-gap and transduced back into a digital signal. It’s the air gap that causes the problem. Anyway, that’s the only explanation that makes sense. Do you have a better one? I’ll keep experimenting…

Hey @Gessler,

I get what you’re saying. Unfortunately, we can only provide support for Zoom SDK Developers on this forum. However, you should check out Zoom Help Center.