Shared Audio during Screen Share only audible for Some Meeting Participants

During our Zoom Meeting (A Church Service) last week, Some meeting participants couldn’t hear the sound from a shared screen, and some could.

Apparently the people who couldn’t could still hear the other audio (people talking).

We have been using Zoom for most of the last year without a problem.

The same person has shared her screen every other week during that time. (I haven’t checked whether she has a new PC).

Some people seemed to think it might have to do with some clients not being updated to the current version of Zoom.

Is that likely it or what else could we try.


-Dick Christoph

Hey @dchristo,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Just to clarify, is this happening when you’re using the Zoom desktop client? If so, please reach out to our Customer Support Team as they will be able to assist you directly.


Thanks for the link, For some reason I couldn’t find that on the Zoom website.


Hey @dchristo,

I’m glad to hear that was helpful!


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