Participants incorrectly put in waiting room when meeting scheduled by API

We are scheduling meetings through the API. We send only the date, time, time zone, duration, topic, and setting to record in cloud. It assumes all other default settings will be used by Zoom. When these meetings start, participants are put in the waiting room instead of prompted for a passcode. When scheduled directly in Zoom (not with API), participants are not put in waiting room and prompted for passcode (which is what the customer wants). Customer called Zoom Business Support who looked at all of their settings and said they were set up correctly. Why are meetings scheduled through the API putting participants in the waiting room and not prompting for a passcode?

Hi @chris12
Thanks for reaching out to us and sorry we missed your post!
Could you please share the request body that you are sending when creating the meeting via API?

If you want to avoid having your participants go into a breakout room, make sure that when you create your meetings via API, you pass the “waiting_room” field in your settings with the value of False

We are only sending the following fields to create a meeting:


“agenda”: “Deposition for Assignment #52374”,

“duration”: 120,

“start_time”: “2023-03-17T16:00:00Z”,

“timezone”: “America/Denver”,

“topic”: “Deposition for Assignment #52374”,

“type”: 2,

“settings”: {“auto_recording”: “cloud”}


We don’t want to specify NOT to use a waiting room as some customers may want to use a waiting room. This problem with using the waiting room was happening to at least 3 of our customers. Your support was able to fix the problem for one of our customers after many calls to support and with no information on what they changed. Another customer found that they had to go into the admin settings and lock the option to use a waiting room or not so that all user accounts would not use it even though the user accounts did not have that turned on. After they did that, they were not having a problem with it using the waiting room. We passed this information along to the third customer and added it to our documentation. But it does seem like a bug that it’s using the waiting room when the user account for the meeting has that turned off.