Participants list moves up and down

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Participants list seems to move up and down when users are joining the meeting. When users are waiting to join the whole list moves down and when someone lets them in the list moves back up. This is very frustrating and annoying to the host and other co-hosts who are trying to manage the meeting by spotlighting\muting\unmuting participates. We have users joining throughout the meeting and quite a few times we’ve muted\unmuted and spotlighted the wrong person because the list jumps around when users join.

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Perhaps a separate list that pops up when someone is waiting to join?


Currently there is a waiting room feature that allows us to vet through people before admitting them into the room.

For that, i think that’s the solution but i think what you are trying to look at is allowing the host/co-host to be able to select a certain group to people to be at the top of the list and PIN them there so that when new participants get permitted or enter the room, it will not mess up the order of the participant’s names.

For that feature of PINNING participant names on the client-side/even for everyone in the participant list, i totally agree and support that.


Thanks for the reply, I don’t think pinning would solve the issue, it “might” be the solution if pinned are right at the top and do not move at all. Currently what we do is rename and put *** in front of persons giving parts so that make the names stay at the top, sort of. For example, if I do a search for *** to just show participates giving parts (because there is no other way to sort the list) when users join the waiting room the list gets bumped down, when that person get admitted into the meeting the list jumps back up. Very frustrating when you have people constantly joining meeting and the host or cohost is trying to spotlight or mute\unmute multiple people. Thanks!


absolutely i feel you. It’s painfully messy.

I really hope they see this and understand our pain and work this into their future release!


Even hacking participant names doesn’t work if people are muting and unmuting, since the Participant list re-sorts to put unmuted people at the top. The row of thumbnails shown in Speaker view is a little more stable, but it re-sorts as well.

Zoom really needs SOME kind of stationary list of participants for use by hosts doing spotlighting and muting!


Experiencing same frustrations… Particularly as the waiting list pushes the whole list down. Sometimes it’s quite a challenge clicking on the right person as its all sliding around, and as you say very easy to unmute someone by accident. Also be good if you could click on a name in the participants list (sorted alphabetically) and go straight to their video picture without having to browse through pages and pages of randomly sorted pictures

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Same problem trying to move someone to a breakout room to talk to a presenter after a presentation. There’s a lot of movement on the participant list because many people are leaving the meeting – as host I had a heck of a time trying to select the correct person to assign them to a breakout room!

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+1. Urgently need such a feature.

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+1 - Urgently need ability to Sort the Participants list in Alphabetical Order.
Also, I would like to be able to have “starred” participants (those who will be called on to speak later), sort to the top of the list, after Co-host.

I make the main presenter a Co-host so he always appears at the top, and that is a big help. But like others, I often Spotlight the wrong person accidentally, and have to apologize.

And because I edit the video replays of the webinar, these problems also create more work during the editing stage. PLEASE address this ASAP!

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