Participants list with status ... online/offline

Are we able to get participants list with status like (online/offline) or camera if on or off…

We need to know which users has on camera and which are not along with their email address …is it possible to get that details from participants api

If that featuer does not exist…how we can add it in the api?! We need to count how many specific participants exist in the meeting by their emails and they have on camera …not all participants only specific participants


Farooq a.aziz

Hey @f.abdulaziz,

For determining if a Zoom user is online or offline, you can leverage our Presence webhook:

While we don’t have an API report that returns whether or not a participant had their camera/mic on (this is a great suggestion), you might find some other helpful info in this endpoint:

That said, I can definitely appreciate why this information would be helpful—if you’re so inclined, I might recommend submitting a feature request for this here: #feature-requests


Really appreciate your response to my queries… i would like to request to add this feature…becuase we are using that in the council of representatives meetings here in bahrain…and by that featuer we could set the mps attendance as the rules here says that if the camera is on … we should count that as attended …and if camera is off then we should count that as upsent… is there any chance that we can have that option avliable right now.

We really need that option in the api

Farooq a.aziz

Hey @f.abdulaziz,

Thanks for the feedback, and can definitely appreciate your use case. Can you submit this as a feature request here? #feature-requests


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