Pass parameter name in join url

The last post is from june about mthis question… in this months something was changed?
Is there a possibility to pass a parameter to join url to indicate the display name?

Thank you

Hi @timinfo,

This is a great question and something I’ve been working on recently as well.

Here are my current findings.

You can follow the same parameters for the join_url as mentioned in the Zoom URL schemes documentation here:

So in this case, I can add in a uname property that alters the display name. It’s important to note that I haven’t been able to modify the name if the person joining is currently logged into an existing Zoom Account. It works in some cases but not others, so I’m still trying to get this working.

@zoom_team, I’m wondering if there’s any documentation that’s missing regarding this for join_urls?

Hope that helps!

Hey @hassan2 — great suggestion. At the moment, you’re correct that if a user is logged into Zoom under an existing profile, this will be reflected upon joining. While these parameters will likely work on the Client URL Schemes, this is not something we explicitly support.

Let us know if you have any other questions we can help with @timinfo.


Thanks for all the suggestion! but I need something that is “for sure”… Is there any other official and supported method to pass the name when joining a meeting?
For webinar is the same situation?

Hey @timinfo,

The name is also passed in when a user joins the meeting, if they have registered, or are registered via the API, and join via their unique join_url.


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