Pass params to electron exe from web



I have a requirement where I need to invoke the zoom app (electron built) exe file from web(browser) passing few parameters like meetingID and name

Can you please help me build an exe file which accepts input form web(browser) ?



hi, you can do this via URI Scheme. more details you can read this MSDN web page.




Thanks for your response.

Can we do this from any browser ? I mean chrome and firerox too






I have gone through the link you have provided.

My electron app exe will be copied on to the clients’ machines 

I have 3 questions

  1. Can we update the registry values for using URI on all the clients’ machines ?

  2. In case if we can update, can we update from all the browsers ?

  3. Will my electron app exe accepts the params which are sent from URI ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Hi Jaswanth,


I believe what you are looking for can be found here

As the Zoom client does, we register a URI Scheme with the OS, so a call to zoommtg:// is registered to open the Zoom client application. You would need to register your own URI scheme to open your app.


Hi Joshua,

Thanks for your response.

Can we register the URI schema on client’s machine from our web application ?

We are using Aurelia framework for our web application.

Any help on how to create a registry entry in client’s machine from node application would be appreciated




I don’t believe so, this concept is for installed applications, as web apps would just use http(s)


Your install app (either android, ios, mac, windows) would then be opened by the OS when a urischeme:// is visited


Ex. mycustomscheme:// would tell the OS to use MyCustomApp