Start_url using SDK in Electron

I want to use the custCreate feature from the API to create users. This way they are able to use start_url and join_url. However, is it possible to use the start_url using the Electron SDK? I did not find anything useful in the documentation. I tried using HandleZoomWebUriProtocolAction from zoom_meeting in hope that it would work, but it does not. Is this a feature that I have overseen? If not, is this to be implemented in the future?

Which version?
Version: 4.6.21666.0427

If trying to use HandleZoomWebUriProtocolAction I get this code the first time trying to use the link:
The second time I am getting this:


Hi @erikttv,

Thanks for the post. The error code 5 means failed to execute the interface and probably this is caused by the URL. This feature is working on the demo app. Could you provide a sample of the URL that you are passing?