Password protected zoom recording

My zoom meeting recordings are password protected. I want to embed the password in zoom recording Play URL and download URL just like we have it in “join URL” So that I can bypass the flow where the user has to manually type the password to access the recording.

Eg: -…?pwd= {password}.

Hi @naveen to access a password protected cloud recording, add an “access_token” parameter to the download URL and provide a JWT or user’s OAuth access token as the value of the “access_token”.

Use the GET Meeting Recordings API as a reference.

Hi @michael.zoom Thanks. My issue is with the play URL. Will it work the same for play URL ?

Hey @naveen,

The play_url cannot be accessed programmatically when it has a password. The password must be entered by the user. If you want to embed the play_url, I suggest uploading the recording to a video streaming service like youtube, and then embedding the youtube video in your site.


Does this mean we cannot play a video inside our own heavily protected dashboard environment - even though we know the password ?

The advice is to upload our potentially sensitive video to youTube ?

Hey @covretro,

Correct. You can share the password with your users so they can access the embedded Zoom play_url.

Feel free to submit this as a feature request to have the password encoded in the play_url: #feature-requests