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I am facing an issue with the recording access without login. Prior I was able to download and watch recorded meeting video without login.
But from past few days this is showing me “Enter the access password”. This comes when i hit download url in browser or play url in browser.

My requirement is to download the video with the download url. I have written api to get the download url. Now tell the process to download the video programatically. As I told you prior there was no authentication. But now it needs authentication.

Please tell me as soon as possible. So that I can solve this issue for my platoform.

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Hey @ayushmaan, to access a password protected cloud recording, add an access_token parameter to the download URL with a JWT. For example:{ recording }?access_token={ JWT }

@michael.zoom Our app plays cloud recordings stored by Zoom using the HTML5 player and adds an interactive overlay in the bottom-left corner. For example:

This works fine if it’s my recording it for non-password protected recordings. Please help us learn how to prompt the user for a password? Is there an embeddable Zoom player that includes this functionality or an oAuth-like call we can make?

EDITED: I changed the link and turned on the password for that recording.

Hey @paul1,

Please refrain from double posting.

We will answer you here:


Sorry about the double-posting. And thanks for your help!

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You are welcome! :slight_smile:


WOW, how does this work? Can you tell me?Play video playback in html5

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Hi, @baohanhai

Sure. We have software ( that lets you bookmark key moments in Zoom recordings with a simple button on your phone. Some apps, like Asana, Jira, and Github automatically bookmark for you.

Then you can replay and share your moments. If you have our Chrome browser extension, bookmarks take you to the recording on the Zoom site. But if you don’t have the extension, we get the mp4 source of your recording and play it with a HTML5 player.

Let me know what you think!

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Thanks for sharing how it works @paul1! :slight_smile: