Past meeting instances returns empty list

We have a meeting that took place, with a recording to prove it.
Calling{meetingUUID} with the meeting ID returns an object as expected, but calling{meetingId}/instances returns an empty list.
See screenshots attached.
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Are you sure that you have the latest version of Zoom, version 1.8.3? Maybe check and if the problem Proceeds, then tell us. Thanks!


Hey @et-dev,

Thanks for sharing these details.

When you query a meeting with 1 attendee, this will not be returned by the /past_meetings/meetingId/instances (List Ended Meeting Instances) endpoint.

In order for a meeting to be returned by the List Ended Meeting Instances endpoint, it will need to have had more than 1 attendee.


Hi @will.zoom

I fail to understand why this is logical.
Why there is no apparent meeting instance if there was a single attendee in the meeting?

I am trying to get the list of instances in order to get the list of participants for each instance.
So how can I know if there is a single attendee if the first endpoint returns nothing?

should I have a fallback for this special scenario and try to get the list of participants using the meetingId and not the UUID in order to get a result with that one participant?

I have looked at this meeting recording.
The recording clearly shows that there were more than one participant in this meeting.
This contradicts to what you have described.

Please advise @will.zoom - we may have more than just this meeting as an example for this issue.

Hey @et-dev,

Strange, when I check Meeting 92825388724 from my end, I see that it was started on November 1st and had just 1 attendee.

Can you share the recording URL and possibly a screenshot with me in DM? This will help me further investigate—I just started a chat with you.


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