Past Meeting Instances Empty Response


Listing past meeting instances returns an empty meetings: [] array, but getting past meeting details returns the last started meeting. It seems like this might only be the case for meetings with 1 participant, but this is impacting our ability to troubleshoot issues as we cannot see the history for some meetings.

There isn’t an error, we’re getting a valid response but the response contains no data even though it should.

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a meeting and join it as the host, end the meeting.
  2. Call the past_meetings instances /past_meetings/{{meeting_id}}/instances endpoint
  3. Note the response { "meetings": [] }
  4. Call the past_meetings details /past_meetings/{{meeting_id}} endpoint
  5. Note the response contains expected data.
  6. Meeting SDK App Type with OAuth Bearer Token Authentication
  7. No Errors

@sales1 can you check the following:

  1. The meeting has indeed occurred
  2. Can you use the meeting UUID instead of meetingID?

I think I found a response to an old request in the form just now saying that meetings only show up in the past meetings instances results if they have more than 1 participant. This seems like a bug IMO. We shouldn’t need to go through the List Meetings or any other endpoint to get this data. It doesn’t make any logical sense why this data wouldn’t be reported here.