Past meeting's end_time is null

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When retrieving the metrics for past meetings, one of them returned with no end_time value. Trying to parse that to DateTime led to our batch job crashing.
Even if the meeting was still going on after 8 days, shouldn’t the query parameter “type=past” exclude it?
Is there any way that we can exclude meetings where the end_time is null from this call?

No error message

Hi @asahagun
Thanks for reaching out to us, I am happy to help here!
So you are trying to query meetings that are in the past, you want to exclude live meetings from your query?

Hi, thanks for your response.
Yes. I expected live meetings to be excluded since they have another query parameter (“live”).
Seeing that it’s not the case, I think the best option is to exclude those meetings from the result.

Thanks for your quick response.
I have actually seen this behavior and I have opened up an internal ticket (here is the number for reference ZOOM-572635)
I have engaged with the Engineering team again to track this down.

Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Hi @asahagun
Just wanted to update you on this, I did some testing on my end and confirmed with Engineering.
I had a meeting live and I called the endpoint
While the meeting was live I got an error {Meeting does not exist}

When I called the endpoint
I got the expected response body, with end_time value as 0 becasue the meetings is live

Now once I ended the meeting, I was able to query with the query param type=past
And I got the expected response body with a value on end)time and duration

When I tried calling the endpoint with the query param type=live once the meeting ended I got the same error {Meeting does not exist}

Is this the same behavior you are seeing?

Hi! Thank you for following up on this.

Whenever I call the endpoint to get that single meeting, it returns the error “Meeting does not exist,” regardless of which parameter (past or live) I use, or even if I do not use any.
However, if I query for a list of metrics, it will appear.

OF course! happy to help! @asahagun
Can you confirm that the meeting has more than one participant???

As weird as it may be, participants is set to 0 in the JSON response.

@asahagun can you try passing type=pastOne
as documented here: Zoom Meeting API

So far:
/metrics/meetings/{meetingID}?type=past {Meeting does not exist}
/metrics/meetings/{meetingID}?type=pastOne {Meeting does not exist}
/metrics/meetings/{meetingID}?type=live {Meeting does not exist}
/metrics/meetings?from=2023-07-24&to=2023-07-24&type=past {Meeting present in list}

could you share with me the meeting ID please

Sure, it’s:

It looks like the meeting was started and finished within seconds (3sec) and it only had one participant.
Could you please try again but let the meeting run a little bit longer, at least 1 minute
And try with this endpoint: /metrics/meetings/{meetingID}?type=pastOne {Meeting does not exist }

Understandable, but is there a way to exclude this meeting (or any other without end_date) from the results when I call the /metrics/meeting?type=past endpoint?

I also got my answer with this discussion and really helpful.

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You should not be getting live meetings if you use the type=past
And all live meetings are those ones without an end_date

Happy to hear that this thread was helpful @checksassastatus
Welcome to our developer community!

Well, I started this thread because I got meeting ggs3fijMQLqk0lO5aSqyQg== (which should be considered live as it has no end_date) while calling endpoint /metrics/meeting?type=past

Anyway, if this is being addressed in the ticket ZOOM-572635, we’re good.
Thank you for your assistance.

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