/past_meetings/{meetingUUID}/participants does not give participant start time and end time

/past_meetings/{meetingUUID}/participants does not give participant start time and end time

/report/meetings/{meetingId}/participants its gives api limit is over as we have very large amount of meeting.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

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  1. /past_meetings/{meetingUUID}/participants
  2. Participant start time and end time not included

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We need start time and end time of each participant in /past_meetings/{meetingUUID}/participants so that we can get the data and no need to call heavy report api which gives api rate limit error as per plan.

Please do the neeful asap

Hi @insynctelemedicine,

It sounds like when you’re calling our GET Past Meeting Participants endpoint, is that right? If that’s the case, I should note that this endpoint does not include the the start/end time or join/leave time of participants. Rather, it’s intended only to show you who attended.

If you need these additional details for meeting participants, you might consider subscribing to our Participant Joined and Participant Left webhooks—these will be fired each time a participant joins/leaves a meeting and could be tracked on your end. These webhook events do not require any additional plan, nor do they count towards your rate limits.

I hope this helps!


In this case webhooks does not fit in our architecture. We have collect all the data in offline hours and update the clients database. As we have more then 3000 clients and hosted on different website (More then 100) and all are handle through only one zoom api account currently. Its not not advisable to do the webhook implementation.

In our case we want the information when we want. This is only solution applied in our case.

Kindly suggest on this.

Hi @insynctelemedicine,

One alternative you could consider, if webhooks are not an option, is our Dashboard List Meeting Participants endpoint, which includes join/leave time for each participant:

Please note that this requires a Business or higher plan.


We already use this API in integration but as its mark as heavy with limitation. it will be great If we can get start and leave information in /past_meetings/{meetingUUID}/participants API.

Hey @insynctelemedicine,

Thanks for clarifying, and I can definitely appreciate the use case for having this available in the past_meetings endpoint. I’m happy to share this suggestion with our team!


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