Patch account options from master (On-Premise) - Need documentation


I’m trying to use
PATCH # /accounts/{accountId}/options

To set shared RC + MC for all subaccounts.
I can set RC without issues, but when I try to set MC it doesn’t select them, just enables the share option.

So “share_rc”: true + “room_coonectors”:“IP1,IP2” works just fine.
“share_mc”: true likewise. But something in the syntax of the meeting_connectors string doesn’t match what you find with GET # /accounts/{accountId}

Been testing wit variations on:
";pkgtcp://IP1:8802,pkg|ssl://IP1:443, ;pkgtcp://IP2:8802,pkg|ssl://IP2:443, "
Even tried just “IP1,IP2”, “IP1:8802,IP1:443” and “all” with the same results.

So far I’ve been trying to figure this out with the webtools at (without CORS):

One thing I have noticed is that it returns “null” instead of the expected
“share_rc”: “boolean”,
“room_connectors”: “string”,
“share_mc”: “boolean”,
“meeting_connectors”: “string”,
“pay_mode”: “string”

So have anybody done this with an On-Premise setup or stumbled across the documentation of the values needed in:
“meeting_connectors”: {
“type”: “string”,
“description”: “Meeting Connector: multiple values separated by a comma.”


Hi @bo.staahle,

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