PATCH User Setting with Python returning 415

I’m having issue where I’m just trying to update users setting to set feature for zoom_phone to true. Here is my Python code:

import requests
import json

myToken = 'Bearer token'
myUrl = ''
head = {'Authorization': myToken}

payload = {
  "feature": {
    "zoom_phone" : "true"

r = requests.patch(myUrl, payload, headers=head)


I keep getting back 415 which is indicating issue with the payload but I don’t see where the issue is. I send same payload via Postman and it works fine.

Hi @nbecirovic
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer forum, I am happy to help here!
It looks like you are not passing the proper “content_type” in your request.
Make sure to pass “Content_type”: “application/json” when you are sending data to any of our endpoints.

Hope this helps