Road Map of Zoom Meeting SDK to implement it with Nodejs

I am little bit confused about how to implement the meeting SDK with nodejs for creating meeting, getting all the participants data who attended that meeting or webinar. Also is there any option to save the meeting recordings on the nodejs server


Thank you for your questions! May you tell us more about the issue you are facing implementing the meeting SDK with nodejs for creating meetings and getting all the participants’ data who attended that meeting or webinar? What is the exact issue or error you are seeing ? This information will help us understand your pain points.

In the meantime, here is several example repo’s can you reference for implementation guidance:

Zoom Meeting SDK Sample React

Sample nodejs

You can download the meeting recording and save it to where you see fit. To do so, you will need to use the download_token received from the Cloud Recording Completed Webhook. , then simply download the recording.



@donte.zoom for sharing this information. I am in the initial setup steps of Meeting SDK with nodejs. I am not getting any repo on github or any code example to use Meeting SDK with nodejs to create meeting.

@sahil.nenwani ,

Can you share more details about where you are at in your development process? What do mean by the initial setup steps of Meeting SDK with nodejs ? What is the exact setup step? What issue you are currently trying to resolve? Are you about to share a screenshot or example repo? This context will help us understand what is the best path forward.


Happy to help! The first thing you’ll need to do is create a Meeting SDK Marketplace App. This app will generate the credentials you need to authorize the SDK. Here is our support documentation on this step:

Create a Meeting SDK App

After creating Meeting SDK App, you are ready to start integrating the SDK into your website. There are several options available to embed the Web SDK in your site. You can install it via NPM or the Zoom Meeting SDK CDN. We have a get-started guide that provides step-by-step instructions on how to add the Web SDK to your project:

Getting Started

Additionally, you may be interested in checking out the Web SDK Sample. The Sample Apps provide a great reference to help understand the implementation process across various stacks.

Sample apps

Let me know if you have questions about this.

@donte.zoom ,

I am confused about choosing SDK which will be best for my project. I want to integrate zoom with my backend. I want to do all the things from the backend like creating the meeting, getting the participants list who attend that meeting and also uploading the meeting recording on my server.
So, can you please suggest to me which SDK will be the best fit for my project?

@sahil.nenwani ,

If you are looking to create the meetings, get participants list, and upload meeting recordings, you would want to integrate Zoom APIs in your backend. Here is a list of Zoom API endpoints you want to use to accomplish your goal.

Create a meeting

List meeting registrants

Get meeting recordings

With regards to Marketplace APP type options, you can either use the OAuth app or the Server-to-Server App type. You can find the links on how to create those Marketplace APP below:

Create an OAuth App

Create a Server-to-Server OAuth app

Thanks for all the guidance you haven given.
@donte.zoom when I was using some apis like get zoom participants data and create new user, I am getting an error of need a pro account. So can guide me about the zoom api pro process. My requirements are create an zoom meeting, get meeting participants data, create new zoom users and last one is save these meetings recordings on my server.
So for these things my developer account which is free, so that is enough or do I have to purchase the pro account on the zoom so that I can do these use these apis.
If I have to purchase the zoom pro account then can you please send me the links, so I can purchase these zoom subscription

@sahil.nenwani ,

Correct, some of our API endpoints do work with free accounts like create / update/delete meeting. We recommend having PRO or above level plans to use our APIs. You can sign up for a Pro Account here. To learn more about Zoom plans, you may visit the link below as well: