Periodic failures of /groups endpoint with - getting error {'code': 124, 'message': 'Invalid access token.'}

I am seeing this morning the periodic failure of the groups endpoint getting the invalid access token. It does work on a periodic basis, but it is also spitting that error out more often than it doesn’t. Is there something I am doing wrong, or does this need to be resolved on Zoom’s end?

Hi @hagelk
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Interesting, I have not seen a similar case to yours.
My question is, what type of application are you using? Is there a possibility that this issue could be due to the Expiration time of the token that you are using to call our APIs?

Feel free to share more details with me so I can help you understand what is going on!

We are using OAuth Server to Server. It can’t be that problem of expiring tokens as the token is generated less than a second before this happens.

I see @hagelk
Could you please share with me what endpoints are you calling?

The only one where I see errors are at: /groups?page_size=100

I also do: /groups/{group_id}/members without any problems, as well as /users

Hi @hagelk
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